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2017 – What Does It Have In Store For Online Marketers?

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2017 – What Does It Have In Store For Online Marketers?

This past year has flown by. But now that we take our first steps into 2017, we are ready to see what the future has in store for us. We’re talking personally, and from a digital marketing point of view. To begin making assumptions of what the future holds, we must first reflect on the past year and what it gave us. Are full service email marketing campaigns still going to be important? Let´s find out!

Throughout 2016, we saw growth in a number of features. Firstly, voice search queries were probably the biggest trend of note. That’s in part due to the big players focusing time and money on developing more coherent software.Google has been rewarding sites that enable users to be mobile. Google places a huge emphasis on mobile-friendly sites. Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram expanded their already vast empires with focus turning to A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology. A.I. was also a favorite of Amazon´s. They managed to sell out their Echo & Echo Dot devices for around 4 weeks at one point in 2016. Of course there were many more developments and changes circulating around technology and online marketing, but now, let´s focus on 2017!

Below are some of our digital marketing predictions for the year ahead:

No More Desktops! Mobile Come First

Mobile searching has always been a vital part of SEO — and of digital marketing in general — so it’s no surprise that its part continues to grow as we head into a new year. In 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly update to their searching software, which gave priority to mobile-friendly sites. Since the update was released, the advantage has always been in the hands of businesses who focus on mobile searches and mobile rankings.

Today, many businesses are receiving more traffic from mobile search over desktop. As technology progresses and Google continues to reward those with mobile-friendly sites over others, we have no doubt that the mobile-first trend will continue to rise and most likely overcome our desktop-first mentality.

Progressive Web Apps

If the mobile-first shift comes to pass, it’s possible that the move towards PWAs will as well. PWAs, or Progressive Web Apps, will probably take the limelight throughout 2017. Users are becoming less patient with time taken for a page to load, and even a highly optimized site has trouble loading within 3 seconds. This is where PWA´s come to the resue!

They’re defined as user experiences that have equal functionalities as a web page, and are reliable, fast, and appealing. In other words, they allow a webpage to work as if it were an app, without actually being an app. Even though PWAs may not be suitable for every type of business, there are plenty that could benefit from them.

Demand amongst users focuses on safer, faster, and easier-to-use mobile-friendly websites, we can expect to see a greater prominence of Progressive Web Apps in 2017. They may even replace the use of separate mobile sites or apps entirely — but let’s see what happens.

Live Video

Everyone in the world now has become used to carrying around mobile devices wherever they are. This allows consumers to have an incredible amount of information readily available at their fingertips. Now, both brands and individuals have begun using live-streaming as a way to be more in-the-moment with their followers. Previously, brands focused on creating an entire video marketing strategy, with the hope that one of their videos makes it viral! This has now changed with the introduction of live video streaming. Brands will now continuously work on creating quality video content on more or less a daily basis.

With social media giants, like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat incorporating live video, we can be sure we’ll see it grow exponentially in and beyond 2017.

Bearing in mind these technological and marketing trends, we believe that 2017 is just the beginning, with many more exciting features to come in the not so distant future.

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