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5 Tips for growth hacking every modern business owner should know

5 Tips for growth hacking every modern business owner should know

Growth hacking is the new buzzword, and although you might think it’s just another temporary trend within the emerging markets, the truth is growth hacking has become essential for business growth and development, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Anyone on the path of making their business take off, has to start taking growth hacking into account and implement the right strategies accordingly, in order to make it work.

These are 5 tips for growth hacking that every business owner should keep in mind to effectively generate growth.

  1. Be realistic and focus on accessible goals.
    Naturally, if you have a business you want to see it succeed and grow fast yet steadily. However, you have to get a reality check and admit that it can be more difficult and challenging than that.So, instead of focusing on so-called disruptive goals, re-assess what you want to accomplish and set up smaller yet more accessible and more importantly actionable goals. Working one step at a time and executing these smaller goals effectively will take you a long way.
  2. Watch your metrics thoroughly.
    Just like with the goals, you have to be mindful about your metrics, how and when you measure them.Aside from knowing your numbers, it is very important that you define operational metrics and of course, growth metrics that you can measure. For growth hackers, numbers are everything, and although they’re well aware that qualitative data is essential when it comes to successful strategies for the long run; they also know that it’s necessary to prioritize growth over feedback, for which quantitative data is key, such as traffic site, product purchases or number of subscribers.
  3. Be creative about your audience engagement tactics.
    The first step to make this happen is to clearly define your target audience and actually try to get a deep understanding of who they are and how they typically behave. Then, you’ll gather all of that insight and use it to come up with ideas that help you get in front of your target audience and persuade them to acquire your product, request your services and engage with your content.
  4. Seize the advantages of digital marketing.
    From SEO optimization to email marketing services and from AdWords and Facebook Ads to content creation it’s important that you learn about all the options digital marketing has to offer and take advantage of the tools that will help you grow your online presence and hence, increase your sales.
  5. Test before you implement.
    Do you have a new product? Have you thought about offering a new service? Or do you simply have a new promotional campaign in mind? Before diving head first into any of these, test them first. If your company is too small to run internal tests, try focus groups or short-lived online test runs to determine how effective your new idea is on a statistic level and if it’s worth the time, effort, money and resources you’ll invest in it.

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