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Don’t Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Annoying

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Don’t Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Annoying

Email marketing is a core imperative of online marketing. It doesn’t matter how a potential customer ends up on your email list, but what does matter is how you take the opportunity. You can use emails to build a deeper relationship with prospects. However, you do not want fall into the “spam” or “annoying” categories. With the help of Solutions For Growth, we have created this article to help you and your campaign remain engaging and informative without coming across as irritating. Solutions For Growth is a professional email marketing agency, that understand what works and what doesn’t.

If you and your business is interested in retaining followers while turning them into customers, follow this simple advice. Keeping your campaigns fresh and personable is the key to maintaining happy subscribers for years to come.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

You want your email subscribers to trust you and the products/services you are selling. The more a subscriber trusts you, the more likely they are to take your business seriously.

Portray yourself as a warm company that is determined to give the consumer results. Enlighten them with your background as well as your skills AND weaknesses in order to start building a solid rapport. If you are honest and open, the business will reach out to you rather than the other way around.

Be Helpful

If you come across as helpful and reliable your subscribers will start to enjoy hearing from you. It’s a top tip to always be as helpful as possible every time you send individuals a message. You can include something useful for your target audience in your text or direct them to a web resource. A web resource can be a new blog post or any feature that will help them succeed, learn and accomplish.

If you are seen as helping your users regularly they are more likely to return. The more helpful you are, the more loyal they become to you. If you really go above and beyond for certain parties, there is a chance that some people may even spread positive words about your business.


Variety is the spice of life. If you are repeatedly using the same template, you will see readers clicking the unsubscribe button. Instead of being repetitive, spice things up a bit with your imagination and creativity.

A good idea is to retain templates that work, whilst dividing them up into sub-categories. For example, one email template that can help your users save money with a specific tool, while another that focuses on your outstanding customer service. By varying your emails and keeping things interesting, you are sure to see an increase in your open rates as well as see your lists grow.

Put Yourself In Your Subscriber’s Shoe’s

What goes through your head when you decide to sign up for email lists? Why do you choose to remain on certain lists but remove yourself from others? You can draw inspiration from your favorite email lists and indirectly mimic them. You shouldn’t copy them exactly as you should use your emails to express your thoughts as well as your businesses ambitions and goals.

If you are able to synthesize what you love and can put your on original take on it, this is a recipe for success when securing subscribers long-term. This is great news as long-term subscribers are the most likely to become customers. At all costs avoid being annoying and focus on providing informative content and great value. If you stick to this you are on the track of success when it comes to email marketing campaigns.

Present Your Goals Clearly

When sending your emails ensure that you are coming across with your goals clearly. For example, if you send an email wanting to help customers make sure they understand your goal is to be helpful. If you are trying to gain more subscribers, be clear and present your readers with this target in mind.

When you send emails trying to sell products or services, you shouldn’t use every email as a sales opportunity. It is however acceptable to make a direct sale every once in a while. You should create an email schedule with clear goals assigned to each stage. For example, a series of ten emails could go like this: emails one to five can be solely helpful. Email six can be a soft sell. Emails seven to nine can be freebies and incentives packed with more helpful information. Then email ten can be a hard sell. Even when sending hard sell emails, ensure that you are coherent with the objective of selling them a product or a service.

In conclusion, if you adhere to the above guidance your email subscribers will not only find your emails informative and helpful but moreover trust in your business. This is a fantastic position to find yourself in as customers like to buy from businesses they trust. With the help of Solutions For Growth, you too can build an email campaign destined for success. A leading email marketing agency, with a wealth of experience, is sure to turn your fortunes around when it comes to your next campaign. Give them a call now!

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