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How to avoid these common online marketing mistakes

How to avoid these common online marketing mistakes

Promoting your business online is key to thrive in today’s market. However, making mistakes is easy, and even more if you don’t have any previous experience when it comes to content creation and digital marketing. Luckily, many experts on the subject often share their experiences and tips, to help small business owners put the right strategies in place in order to benefit their companies.

A well-managed social media presence can have a massive positive impact on your brand. The following tips will help you avoid very common online marketing mistakes that can make more harm than good to your brand if committed repeatedly.


Don’t rely solely on blogs

It doesn’t matter how much quality content you create if you don’t promote it and put it in front of your target audience. Sharing these helpful pieces of content will only add value if you promote them through social media or share it directly with your subscribers through email marketing

Keep your posts up to date

Curating your content is important, as your blog grows you should take time to hand-pick the posts that should remain in your site, the ones you should archive or even delete, and also the one you should update. Yes, there’s no need of writing the same article you’ve written before with a new angle, when you can just update the original article you wrote. Keep in mind that Google indexes updated pages better because of an increase in relevancy.

Don’t exaggerate with the “new content”

Truth is, you don’t always need it. Instead of forcing yourself to create new content, use your maybe old but good content in a new format, such as an infographic, a video or a podcast where you can explore the topic at hand more in-depth. A good piece in a new format can also attract new audience who prefer a different way to digest the information of their interest.

Build a database and put it to good use.

Email marketing is crucial to get in front of your target audience. So aside from collecting all email addresses from your readers and customers any time you can, a solid email marketing can make a huge difference in the way your subscribers perceive you.


Curate your social media.

And I’m not just talking about your actual profiles but about the platforms themselves. You don’t have to be on every social media outlet to reach your audience. In fact you should only be on those that your audience actually use on a regular basis. That will give you enough time to build a solid and valuable presence where your audience is, establishing strong connection with current customers and potential ones as well. Keep in mind that all content is not made for all platforms so make sure you post the right content on the right platform to avoid clutter.


Even if it sounds counter-intuitive to you, microtargeting is what will get you in front a relevant audience. Yes, you might be worried about exposure and wanting to get the word out there to as many people as possible. However, the clever approach is to get in front of an audience that matters, which you will only achieve through a thorough filtering and microtargeting process. At the end of the day, exposure doesn’t have any value unless it actually generates leads.


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