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Choose The Best Email Marketing Services & Software

Email Marketing Services

Choose The Best Email Marketing Services & Software

Whether you utilize email marketing on a monthly basis, or a one-time coupon offer, email marketing has become a vital component of promotions and special offers. At times it’s known as direct electronic mail, and boasts an average ROI of $40 for every $1 spent. In order to ensure a healthy conversion rate, you should make sure your emails are relevant, attractive and of course read by your prospects. With the help of Solutions For Growth, and their expert email marketing services team, you too can ensure high levels of success when it comes to email marketing.

Working with Solutions For Growth, we explore what you want and require from an email program. You should want a program that enables you to format content, whilst also evading spam filters. Furthermore, an email that appears attractive and aesthetically pleasing is far more likely to entice readers, whilst subconsciously making them take the actions you want.

An option that is readily available is designing your newsletter independently, and then sending it through your personal email. This option has a lot of restrictions including a ‘send limit’, un-professional looking and the likelihood of your emails getting marked as junk/spam.

A more preferable option that is likely to offer you consistent results, is utilizing the services of an email marketing software company or email marketing service provider. These companies are likely to have anti-spam safeguards in place, meaning your emails will always arrive. Here are some additional advantages to choosing an email marketing software company:

  • Ability to save, edit, automate, copy and repeat email campaigns freely.
  • Tools to help analyze campaign effectiveness and success.
  • Detailed reports offering analysis of audience demographics.
  • The option to manage and edit lists when necessary – list segmentation, group creation, and ability to identify incorrect/phony email addresses.
  • Helpful and visually pleasing templates to help build an attractive email/newsletter.

Payment Options

There are a variety of ways in which an email marketing program can bill you. The majority offer a variety of plans, catering for the majority of budgets. They also offer you the ability to move between differing plans, without losing any previous information such as contacts or templates.

Pay & Go: In this instance you purchase credits to use as you, and your business needs. This is popular amongst seasonal businesses that don’t require email marketing year-round. This is because you only pay for what you use, and aren’t tied down to lengthy contracts or monthly fees.

Email Volume: Some plans will look at how many individual emails you send on a monthly basis. These types of plans are slightly trickier as they incorporate a combination of list size and campaigns. For example, if you have an email volume limit of 5,000, you could send one email to each contact, or, five emails to a list of 1,000 contacts. Some providers of these plans will also specify a list limit per plan. It’s always best to double check the terms of your contract, as unexpected bills can be expensive and unwelcome.

List Size: This particular type of plan is simply the number of subscribers you have. Be careful when using a plan like this as you may have a limit on the number of campaigns you can send monthly. As with an email volume plan, ensure you understand the full terms of your agreement. This is to avoid any unwelcome and expensive bills.

Helpful Features To Look For

When it comes to additional features, many email programs are easy to use, whilst offering many of the same features. Firstly, they offer templates for you to customize ready to fit your design with images, text, photos etc. In addition, they offer tools to help you create a sign-up form, for people to subscribe to your mailing. Finally, the better companies offer some analytic tools to help you track and monitor a campaigns success with reads, clicks and opens.

When it comes to the leading email programs, they can offer you some exciting extras. Before getting stuck into the technical extras, it’s vital you consider your potential clients, current clients, your businesses ambitions, your needs, and how often you intend on using email.

Below are some features that may be beneficial to you and your business:

  • Advanced, 24-hour, technical support
  • Integration into WordPress, customer relationship management software and e-commerce programs
  • Specialist responders/auto-responders/triggered responses
  • Detailed analytics & statistics of your specific campaigns, and campaigns in general
  • Easy to group/segment existing lists
  • Import/Export ability for new and upcoming lists

How Easy Is It To Use?

The best way to test out whether a program, service or software is simple enough for you, is to try the program first! Fortunately, many email marketing programs offer a trial version, meaning you have a time-period to learn, play-around and experiment. An industry recommendation is to create a couple of newsletter ideas, in the style you plan on sending them in. For example, you can try creating a promotional offer email, and a monthly product update, and then send it to a small group of friends or colleagues and asses the results.

As well as feeling comfortable with a programs interface, also keep an eye out for these useful tools:

  • Template save
  • Campaign copier
  • Campaign preview
  • In-house spell/grammar checker
  • HTML editor
  • Search facility in contacts and contact lists

We are sure once you understand email marketing, and your chosen tool, all the above features will come in very handy for you and your business – don’t underestimate these features.

In Conclusion

A beneficial and useful email marketing program will make it easy to reach your customers, with the relevant information. It will also offer fantastic deals that will ensure clients keep returning to you, and only you. Just like every business requires different things, take some time to carefully deliberate your needs, and then review programs based on those requirements. Utilize the free trials with as many programs as possible, to determine which is the easiest, most functional and best value for money.

With Solutions For Growth, an industry-leader when it comes to email marketing services, you can feel confident in achieving positive results with your next campaign. They understand what drives opens, clicks and reads when it comes to emails and can help you achieve higher conversion rates and more sales. What more could you want when it comes to email marketing services?

Call Solutions For Growth today on 888-840-2595.

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