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Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency: Top Tips and Red Flags

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Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency: Top Tips and Red Flags

Does the following scenario sound all too familiar to you and your business? You should focus more on your company´s digital marketing but have so much other things to juggle. Whether it´s an overflowing inbox, meetings with employees, reports to prepare there are always distractions taking your focus from digital marketing. Let Solutions For Growth take responsibility of being your very own email marketing agency!

You have decided that collaborating with a marketing agency is the best way to approach this. Utilizing a marketing agency is a smart way to save time, frustration and money, but you need to make sure you choose the right one.

Below are three industry tips to consider. There are also three red flags to be weary of. You will find these tips useful when interviewing a potential digital marketing partner.

Determine The Differentiators

Many of the agencies available offer the same basic structure as well as providing very similar services. This makes it important to listen closely to how a potential agency would approach your unique situation, solve your specific challenges and meet your needs. If you are interviewing two agencies, for example, how do they differ? How do their sample strategies differ? Which gets your attention the most?

Meet The Right People

It might sound exciting at first if an agencies president or managing director meets directly with you, however how likely is it that he or she will be regularly working on your account? You should find out who your day-to-day contact will be. It´s advisable to speak to the people who provide the services to ensure there is a good fit and the employees share the same visions and philosophies as you. You should also be aware of how available the agents will be, should you encounter any issues.

Protect Your Time

The best digital marketing agencies will collaborate with you and create an environment of teamwork and cooperation. Depending on the agency will depend on how much time and attention they will require with your team. Ask yourself how much time is typical and the various types of input you require. Always ensure that what´s being requested is reasonable and a good use of time.

Failure to Follow Through – Red Flag

Focus on trustworthiness. One warning sign would be an agency´s failure to follow through with their promises. For example, if an agency fails to keep its promises to respond to complex questions, or to set up a follow-up meeting call, this isn´t good news. This shows you how you will be treated once you´re a client – it might even get worse!

Vague Answers – Red Flag

If you ask a question that requires a very specific answer, but you get cut-and-paste answers it would suggest the agency may not be paying attention to what you and your business require. It is also a suggestion that the agency doesn´t focus too much on customer service. On the other hand, if someone doesn´t have the immediate answer to a complex question and admits he or she doesn´t know (but promises to get back to you), that’s usually a good sign that you are dealing with honest people.

In a Hurry – Red Flag

If a particular agency sounds rushed and unprofessional you should ask yourself, “Will this agency have enough time to spend with me as a client? Am I really a priority?”

If you are searching for an email marketing agency that you can trust, contact Solutions For Growth! With years of expertise and many happy customers they are the leading email marketing agency dedicated to positive results.

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