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Email Automation – Here To Help

Full Service Email Marketing

Email Automation – Here To Help

Everyone understands email marketing, right? Or do they? With the help of Solutions For Growth, below is an article that outlines five reasons why email automation can help you and your businesses campaign. As a leading full service email marketing agency, they understand what it takes to succeed with email campaigns.

Below are five ways in which email automation can help your business’ marketing efforts progress:

Nurture Campaigns

The most common practice of email marketing is blasts, but is it really the best? Blasting can be an effective strategy, if there is no true plan, as they can appear random and inconsistent. Generally speaking, when it comes to email marketing, consistency is a key pillar of success.

When it comes to an actual strategy and plan, your ideas should involve multiple emails in a reliable order. These emails should be prepared beforehand and you should send on an automatic basis. Automatically sending your emails sees a 70% open rate compared to an un-automated, regular email.

Segmentation Of Lists

Customers vary, as do their needs and of course there response times. This is where the ability to segment your lists comes into play. You can segment your lists using a number of methods, e.g. age, interests, consumer activity, location etc. A great example of segmentation is if someone were to open your email and/or click on a link expressing interest, they will be placed on a separate, yet specific list.

Using your new lists, you can then send more specific emails that are appropriate for individuals further along the purchase line. The new lists you set up do not have to affect individuals who haven’t yet shown an interest as they will continue to receive the regular marketing emails. Segmenting your email lists is very important, because when done correctly, marketers saw a 750% increase in revenue.

Sales Team Available 24/7

Who wouldn’t love a sales team that is available around the clock? But let’s be honest, it’s a very expensive luxury to have. The good news is that email marketing can act as a 24/7 sales force.

Of course you will still require an individual for some communication, but generally speaking prospect interaction is far smoother. Once you have a clear and functioning strategy in place, you can send automated emails, receive notification on site, track the progress of a lead and make well-timed, informed decisions to follow up. It goes without saying this is all possible to do manually, however, with email marketing, the process is mostly automatic.


Probably the most important, yet underestimated factor of an email is the personalization. The ability to automatically have a lead’s name appear in an email, from subject line to close, is a huge advantage. This can create huge benefits such as an increase in open rate, higher number of clicks and of course, more responses.

An example of this would be, emails with a personal subject line are far more likely to be opened, 25% more likely to be precise. This is great news for you and your business, as instead of users sending your emails to spam, they will be more inclined to open, and read.

More Conversions

Conversions are the primary reason anyone introduces a marketing campaign to their product/service. The general goal of any business is to make a sale and some proper email marketing can help you achieve that goal. With anything, everyone is different, meaning some individuals need a little more pushing in order to make a purchase.

A careful and considerate email strategy is often the last push a consumer needs to finally make a purchase. The best email campaigns will include a long-term goal, utilizing automated emails over a specific time-period. These emails can offer promotions, examples of uses, provide additional information and relate to the prospect personably. If you still need convincing about email marketing, remember that 65% of online consumers made a purchase because of email marketing.


If you are to follow these 5 benefits of email marketing, you can take your small business to the next level. Not to mention, you can save yourself a lot of time, and more importantly money. You will also see better responses from potential clients, and more leads converted into sales.

If you would like help improving your existing email marketing campaign, get in touch with Solutions For Growth. As a leading full service email marketing agency, they understand what it takes to propel your business to the optimum level, and can help you with a number of things. Whether it’s converting more leads, increasing brand awareness or broadening customer-base, Solutions For Growth are sure to help.

Call Solutions For Growth now on 888-840-2595.

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