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Email Marketing: 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Email Marketing: 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid

In spite of the ever-growing social media marketing landscape and all the newer -and perhaps more innovative–, ways for reaching out to your clients and prospective customers, full service email marketing remains a favorite and very effective way to communicate with your target audience.

However, as more brands and businesses use this method to share information, offer deals to their clients and in some unfortunate cases, scam recipients; which might explain why many people just discard emails without thinking twice.

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For those companies who actually want to offer their customers and prospects quality content and valuable information, the mindless disposal of emails is not necessarily in their benefit.

These tips are aimed to help you improve your email marketing practices and avoid common mistakes when putting in place your strategy.

The 10 common mistakes to avoid in email marketing

Being too promotional.

It is understandable that you might want to promote your products or services and offer deals to your recipients. However, being too promotional makes your brand look pushy and desperate. Offer helpful content instead, and try to add value to your customers and prospects so they can actually appreciate and look forward to receive your emails.

Mindless subject lines.

If your subject line is too long, too cheesy, too boring or simply misleading, your email is most likely to end up in the junk folder. Choose subject lines that are short, concise and interesting without being click-bait cliches.

Replacing text with images.

Yes, images play a very important role in your emails but embedding all your text into an image has proven rather inefficient. Regardless of the platform is not uncommon to experience loading issues, and if all of your text is part of the images in your email, you’ll miss the chance of effectively communicating key information to your recipients.

Sending unwanted emails.

An important part of protecting your reputation and making sure you won’t end up in the junk folder every time you reach out to someone is ensuring you’re reaching out only to those who want to receive your content. Verify that your database only contains the contact information of previously identified leads and prospective customers who have expressed interest in receiving emails from you.

Complicating the unsubscribing process.

This is not only a sign of respect and consideration, it is also a great way to clean your database and get rid of all those contacts that are not likely to generate profit for you.

Not optimizing your email formats.

As you probably know, different email platform display content in different ways. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure in every email server across different platforms, from desktops to mobile devices.

Sending emails too often.

It’s true that periodic emails help your audience to stay engaged with you and your content, but it’s also safe to say that sending too many emails will backfire on you sooner than later.

Not personalizing your emails.

Of course, personalizing all of your emails is a waste of time. Nevertheless, it is key that you segment your audience so you can tailor specific messages for specific groups of people, offering content that is appealing to each one of the groups and their different needs.

Sending emails without proofreading.

This seems pretty obvious but it is very important. You must always double-check links and proofread the emails you will send to your clients and potential customers. Sometimes, the silliest mistake will make you look unprofessional and unworthy of credibility.

Not having a call to action button.

One thing is not being too promotional but not promoting your service or product at all is not ideal either. If you’re offering a special deal, featuring a new product or if you simply want to redirect your audience to your website, adding an appealing CTA button is the simplest most clever way to do so. You can even put a tracker on the button to keep record of how many people used clicked on it to get to your site or get in touch with you.

Avoiding these mistakes can make your email marketing strategy more effective. If you want to measure how good are the results of your email marketing strategy you can always try split testing and measure your ROI with different strategies, or you can request professional advice from a full service email marketing agency.

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