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9 Email Marketing Fundamentals

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9 Email Marketing Fundamentals

Of a number of fundamental premises of email marketing, email engagement should be a priority. And with the majority of individuals and business’ now online, we have a particular pressure on our emails performing. Solutions For Growth is a leading provider in email marketing services. They understand how to make your emails engaging, boosting your conversion rate, whilst always generating revenue.

In the following article, Solutions For Growth will explain nine top tips and techniques to inspire your next campaign. This is a useful guide for both seasoned marketers as well as novices.

Please find the 9 points listed below:

Focus On Positives & Benefits

Technical talk about functions and boring statistics on features isn’t likely to engage a reader. On the other hand, simple positives as well as benefits do engage people. Try and fill your email with amazing benefits for a potential customer – things that they are likely to relate too and understand. Try crafting the message to directly affect a prospect, in order to encourage action and engagement.

Entice Individuals With An Interesting Call-to-Action

Use enticing and resonating content when it comes to your call-to-action message. Generic and blander phrases such as “download,” “submit,” and “click here” aren’t likely to generate any real interest. Instead try more positive content such as “Start enjoying the benefits now,” or “Come and join the fun.”

Incorporate High-Quality Images ONLY

It goes without saying that images and graphics engage email readers. It’s great to include appropriate and clear images that support your emails primary message. Images that show faces of engaged and happy-looking customers work well. A study has proven to us that people are drawn to facial features when looking at images. In your emails utilize smiley, maybe even cheesy photos, as opposed to dreary and dull looking people.

Appropriate Links Throughout (Especially Early-On)

It’s great practice to link the first few words of the first paragraph, to an interesting webpage/landing page. When you open an email, the eye is naturally drawn to the first line of text. Including a hot link here increases email clicks and engagements. Links are great throughout an email, giving a user more information at the click of the button. Just ensure they all work, and they all take you where they should.

Be Personable

Emails that are sent from a real person (James Smith, for example) engage far better than emails sent from a generic company (Smith Consulting, for example). The only time there is perhaps an exception is when you have a well-known, famous company where people will recognize the name. For example, GAP or Amazon.

Use Color Sensibly

Color naturally attracts the human-eye, meaning you can utilize color to draw an eye where you want it. However, this isn’t an invitation to use a variety of contrasting colors throughout your email. Nor does it mean one specific color performs better than others, at increasing conversions. Instead, be consistent and use colors that match your website, logos and companies theme.

Be Concise With Text

Don’t bombard your prospects with reams and reams of text. In 2017, the average time an individual would read an email is 11 seconds. This means if your email is just text, text and more text, you are likely to lose them way before those 11 seconds. Try and focus on creating short, yet concise emails that wet a user’s appetite for your product/service. Utilize landing pages on your website that include all details for a reader to find out more, and fully understand your business.

Create A Layout That Functions Across The Board

When designing your emails, use a design that is easy to read on all platforms. Whether it be mobile, desktop or laptop, 2017 demands that emails function on any device. Utilize large fonts to increase an ease of readability, meaning any user can easily read and interpret your emails. Some industry-specific suggestions include limiting an emails width to 550px – that’s small.

Place Particular Emphasis On The Subject-Line

Your subject line should be both relevant and of appropriate size. Subject lines that are either very short and to the point, or detailed and extensive, provide the highest amount of email engagements and clicks. Avoid going for the average size of between 50 & 75 characters. Be adventurous with subject lines and it can be most beneficial.

Also, you should always ensure that your subject lines are relevant and on-topic. If a subject isn’t relevant to the email or your business, a potential opportunity has been lost. In an even worse situation, irrelevant subject can force a user to mark your email as spam. This can be catastrophic for the future as all your emails are likely to end up as spam.

In Conclusion

Email marketing is obviously a vitally important tool, and if utilized in the correct way, can bring unprecedented success to your business. With the help of Solutions For Growth, we are sure that your business can realize its full potential.

If you require email marketing services, go to the experts at Solutions For Growth. They are friendly, efficient and productive, and are sure to offer you and your business new and exciting ideas.

Give Solutions For Growth a call now on 888-840-2595.

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