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Why Is Your Campaign Failing? – Email Marketing Agency

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Why Is Your Campaign Failing? – Email Marketing Agency

Email and internet marketing agencies have been around for a long time, and they have seen it all. With the help of Solutions For Growth, a leading email marketing agency, the following article will focus on why your online marketing campaign is failing.

Under Budget

Out of the five pitfalls we will focus on, under-budgeting is probably the most common. The temptation amongst companies to get something for nothing is sometimes too tempting. Additionally, the majority of companies don’t fully grasp the difficulties and scope of an online campaign, even when it comes to a modest goal.

Not Experimenting With New Campaigns

A successful company is always searching for better and bigger ideas. You must use this spirit to drive your online marketing effort. For example; If a business gets stuck in a routine when it comes to email marketing and SEO, they may never realize the true potential of social media or AdWords. They may never realize the most efficient and cost-effective means of driving revenue.

Instead of simply dabbling with a half-hearted experiment, successful businesses experiment in a methodical way. They budget accordingly, make the appropriate resources available and then fully evaluate the results.

Even if you aren’t a big company yet, you should use this as inspiration. The only way to beat your competition is take some educated risks and be fully committed to attaining positive results.

No Obvious Goals

“Our competitors are using Twitter, so we should be too.” Unfortunately, this is not a reason to launch a Twitter/social media campaign. Nor is a vague interest in increasing website traffic and attaining more leads.

Defining goals clearly, incorporates four factors. A goal should be specific, measurable, time-related and meaningful. For example, “we want to increase PPC-generated leads by 25% over the next 12 months.”

Placing Emphasis On Irrelevant Metrics

Just because a goal you have set yourself is measurable, doesn’t mean it’s meaningful. Many companies make basic errors by targeting their campaigns to improve the incorrect data. Here are the two most common examples:

Traffic – Just because more people visit your website, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to generate more leads/create more revenue. You have to ensure the traffic you receive, is the right kind of traffic. Furthermore, your website should impress and motivate prospects to contact you and buy from you. If your website is unprofessional and does a bad job of enticing customers, increased traffic can do more harm than good by deterring potential clients!

Rankings – When it comes to SEO, rankings used to mean an awful lot. Nowadays, they mean significantly less. This is because every single user searching Google receives a different result, depending on history, location etc. In addition, if you rank highly for a term/phrase that nobody searches for, you are not only wasting your time, but your money as well.

Not Testing Campaigns

Generally speaking, the worst day endured during any marketing campaign is the first day. The only way to ensure a campaign is functioning and effective, is too thoroughly test it. This includes keywords, images, content, spelling and grammar.

When testing your campaign it’s thoroughly advisable to execute the tests properly as well as methodically. If a business utilizes weak testing methods, your campaign will not be successful. If a business doesn’t test at all, your campaign is doomed to fail.

To Conclude…

If you and your business have avoided all the errors listed above, you are sure to be on the right track. However, if you are guilty of the factors listed above, your game plan will probably require a few major improvements. If you are interested in seeking professional help regarding an email marketing agency, get in contact with Solutions For Growth. A dedicated agency offering excellent customer service and flexible prices, they are sure to offer you the helping hand you require.

Call Solutions For Growth now on 888-840-2595.

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