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The Healthcare Industry & Cloud Technology – Working Together Hand-in-Hand

cloud technology & healthcare - what´s the correlation?

The Healthcare Industry & Cloud Technology – Working Together Hand-in-Hand

A ton of research and multiple surveys have found that healthcare organizations are ready to embrace cloud technology, citing cost savings and the more scalable platform as key motivating factors.

Many healthcare providers already are using the cloud for numerous functions, or have plans to move to the cloud in the near-future. Healthcare providers, IT organizations, and leadership professionals have foreseen the change in the industry and are predicting the following:

– 34% of healthcare provider organizations are currently using the cloud for health information exchange.
– 41% have plans to use the cloud for this function.
– Additionally, 35% are using the cloud.
– 38% have plans to use the cloud for patient engagement and patient empowerment tools.

The results indicate that healthcare provider organizations are increasingly willing to trust cloud technologies with protected health information. Healthcare provider leaders are testing cloud platforms with back office applications first, with 18% currently using the cloud, and survey respondents indicated they have plans to leverage cloud solutions to manage analytics and storage.

The survey also finds that healthcare leaders’ perception of the cloud has evolved in just the past few years. When comparing a survey from 2014 to 2016, the results of a change are evident. Only 22% of survey respondents were planning to use the cloud for back-office functions in 2014, compared to 47% in 2016.

“In 2014, the cloud was primarily seen as a model that could support HIE and data storage, whereas, in 2016, it is being leveraged for a full range of functions including patient empowerment. And, there’s more to come, as the cloud is poised to play a prominent role when healthcare organizations deploy telemedicine, mobile health applications, and remote monitoring tools – trends that are inevitable as organizations implement value-based care programs in alliance with the Affordable Care Act,” the report authors wrote.

The survey report also drills down into what is behind the move to the cloud and healthcare provider organizations cited a variety of advantages to using the cloud. Healthcare IT and executive leaders cited cost savings, more robust disaster recovery, more scalable platform for internal requirements and speed of deployment as key motivating factors.


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