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Should I Incorporate Videos into my Marketing Campaign?

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Should I Incorporate Videos into my Marketing Campaign?

Including video in your email marketing campaign can be an effective tool if utilized in the correct manner. Solutions For Growth LLC is an experienced Email Marketing  Agency and they know what it takes to create a successful campaign.

Below are 4 key points on what to consider when deciding to include a video in your email. Full Service Email Marketing is still an effective marketing method and one that can lead to positive results.

Know Your Target Audience

It sounds obvious, but it is arguably the most crucial detail to note. Movies and videos have played a massive role in the last 2 years, with Facebook, Twitter etc promoting videos in a variety of formats. Newsletter marketing should now also include a video link aimed at reaching your target audience. It´s imperative to draw an obvious relation with the product or service you´re selling, to the video or video link you are sending.

The First Frame is Vital

A common issue faced, is that video files tend to be too large to embed or attach directly in an email. Instead of directly attaching a video there are a few alternatives for you to consider. You can link your video to a landing page on you site. This is a fantastic alternative as it will also offer you results on clicks and conversions.

Another alternative to consider, is uploading your video to Youtube and including a link directly to the video. This is a healthy alternative, as if a user is engaged, the chances are they will explore your other videos and more likely to follow up with an action.

Be Subtle

Obviously your readers will not have much patience with slow loading and opening times for your video. It should be quick to open and load. It also shouldn´t consume too much data for all your mobile users. The video should be brief yet informative and last no longer than 2 minutes. A recommendation is to use premium video playback services that are efficient, e.g. Youtube.

Accessibility is Important

Because some of your email clients are likely to have images ´turned off,´ it isn´t advisable to place all of your content with a call-to-action in your image. The campaign will not be a successful one. Your clients are likely to click through without opening your email. A quick and simple solution is to add some descriptive ált´ tags. These tags will support your image and be accessible for all users just by hovering over your image. They will understand the message you are trying to convey and are more likely to consider a follow up action.

To find out how an email marketing campaign can improve your business, contact Solutions For Growth LLC. They are ready to help you with your Email Marketing Services and will demonstrate to you everything that a successful email marketing campaign incorporates.

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