HomeNewsNew App From DexCom For Apple Watch Allows Users To Track Glucose Levels

New App From DexCom For Apple Watch Allows Users To Track Glucose Levels

New App From DexCom For Apple Watch Allows Users To Track Glucose Levels

Apple watch will not be released until April, but it is already acquiring some innovative, cutting edge features that will put it ahead of the competition. Diabetics will now be able to use an app to watch their glucose levels. DexCom, a medical products firm, will be releasing an app that reads glucose levels of the wearer every 5 minutes from under the surface of the skin and displays the readings in a graph on the Apple Watch.

DexCom’s expertise specializes in glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. The app will be ready around April, the same time the Apple Watch will be released. The way the app works is by syncing to its existing glucose monitors which use a hair’s width sensor located under the surface of the Apple Watch wearer’s skin to evaluate and report glucose levels   every 5 minutes.

The FDA has diligently inspected most health-related apps in the past, but DexCom  and some producers of another diabetes-related app called NightScout have persuaded the FDA to do things differently when it comes to health related apps.

Dexcom’s monitors requiring injection underneath the surface of a patient’s skin will reasonably remain class III devices meaning they will continue being closely examined, but the software displaying the data like the Apple Watch app will now only need to be registered with the FDA without needing premarket approval. The director of the FDA’s office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health, Alberto Gutierrez stated that the risks that the app imposed weren’t as great as the benefits it will provide.

DexCom will be releasing two apps: one of letting Apple Watch wearers view their glucose levels and one to share the information with another person such as a doctor or caregiver.

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Apple Watch will have a myriad of health monitoring apps available for users. It has several sensors that track the amount of steps taken, the amount of calories burned, and pulse rates. It will come with a built-in app called Workout that helps with goal-setting and provides pacing features during workouts like running and cycling.

Another health-promoting feature the Apple Watch will have is that it will “tap” users on the wrist 10 minutes before each hour ends.  Apple CEO Tim Cook says “it’s not surprising for Apple executives to jump up at the same time during meetings. That’s because they’re all wearing the Apple Watch that’s nudging them for sitting too long.” He also added “it took a while to get used to, but it’s actually really good, a lot of doctors believe sitting is the new cancer.”

The Apple Watch will also feature an app that adds convenience and commodity to users’ lifestyles. Lutron, the leader in the lighting control industry will provide an app that allows Apple Watch users to control the lighting, shades, and temperature in their home. To be able to use the app, you must have a Lutron total home control system. Cyberhome Technologies offers a large array of innovative lighting solutions for your home including Lutron Electronics. Cyberhome Technologies will provide lighting of only the highest quality for your home. If you do decide to get the Apple Watch, make sure to get a Lutron Home Control system installed in order to have the ability to control your lighting and temperature at the touch of one finger from your Apple Watch.

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