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Online marketing secrets every restaurant owner should know

Online marketing secrets every restaurant owner should know

Online marketing is a determining factor when it comes to business success. Anyone who own a restaurant in this era, knows how big of an impact those Instagram posts of their dishes have, the value of every review on Yelp and the prestige that comes with dazzling reviews on TripAdvisor. But in order to leverage to the best of your abilities the online reputation of your restaurant to make it grow as a business, you first need to master the secrets of digital marketing.


Of course, some of them will make more sense than others, and you’ll find that achieving some goals is easier than achieving others. However, it’s all about being patient and developing a strategy that works well for you and fits your rhythm too.

Appeal to the right target audience

Every restaurant has their own “it” crowd, and the members of these specific demographics are the ones you should appeal to. Determining who is your target audience, how they behave and what they expect from your establishment is key for success. But we’re not referring just to the food and the service standards of your restaurant, we’re talking about the added value that comes with being a regular at your establishment.

Master one thing at a time before diversifying

Although you might be tempted to do too many things at the same time, DON’T! If for example, you started an email newsletter to share special deals, events and menu choices for the upcoming weeks, you should make sure your email marketing strategy is on point before you start creating content for a blog or start advertising on Social Media. Regardless of how fast you want to grow, you’ll get further and bigger if you do things one step at a time.

Get expert help

Try a digital marketing company, a PPC expert, a community manager or all of the aforementioned. If you are the owner or manager of a certain establishment, chances are you already have a full list of responsibilities and regular tasks that require your utmost attention. Getting help from an online marketing expert, even if it’s just as an advisor, can take you a long way. However, you should always consider a more permanent role since this aspect of your business requires full time attention.


Nowadays, reviews are extremely important, and in many cases they can make or break the reputation of any establishment. That’s why your customer service is as key as a high quality product and a great atmosphere. Make sure that you don’t seem pushy but try and encourage your patrons to visit sites such as Yelp or TripAdvisor to offer their honest reviews.

Google MyBusiness and other SEO tools.

Mastering SEO is not an easy task but you can start by making sure your restaurant is listed as a business in your area and with as much information as possible as a Google MyBusiness profile. This element combined with good quality content, online reviews, and an active social media and a solid email marketing can take your business to a whole new level of success if played correctly.

Photos and images

As you know, when it comes to food all senses play an important and crucial role. Sight is, of course, one of them. If you’re not a natural with the camera, splurge a little and hire a good photographer and designer to work on the image you want to project as a restaurant. It’s not just about the capturing the delicious essence of every unique dish in your menu, but also about capturing the spirit of your establishment inner spaces, its atmosphere and the satisfaction of your staff after a full shift of hard work, dedication and happy patrons.

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