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How Real-Time CDI Has Helped Hospitals Adapt To The Affordable Care Act

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How Real-Time CDI Has Helped Hospitals Adapt To The Affordable Care Act

Love It Or Hate It, The Affordable Care Act Changed American Healthcare In A Big Way

The Affordable Care Act, colloquially referred to as ObamaCare, has remained a hot topic since its inception in 2010. It is an exhaustingly complex and convoluted bill that has left its mark on hospitals throughout the nation. Regardless of where you stand on the topic, one thing is for sure. The Affordable Care Act has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry of the United States.

Punishment For Readmission Forced Hospitals To Adapt

One of the most significant aspects of the bill was its crackdown on the excessive readmission of patients with certain illnesses. The bill allegedly aimed to prevent hospitals from taking advantage of patients with chronic illnesses by castigating the hospitals for readmitting the patients instead of giving them the treatments they needed to eventually learn to care for themselves instead of spending all of their savings on hospital bills.

The Challenges Were Profound

Many argue that the creators of the bill intended to create a positive incentive. However, the bill certainly posed a challenge for healthcare facilities. Hospitals suddenly had to find ways to collaborate with other facilities that could provide continuous care for patients. This not only led to complications with patient care in hospitals, but also with billing, which has been among the biggest points of contention about the bill. Yet, surprisingly, most facilities have met the challenge in stride.

Innovative Technology Is The Reason Hospitals Could Adapt

None of this would have been possible without the integration of Real-Time CDI software. Clinical Document Improvement has been stuck in archaic traditional best practices while the rest of the world evolves. But finally, that trend has come to a close. Thanks to companies like Hiteks, hospitals are now able to collaborate with all branches of a healthcare facility faster and easier than ever before. That’s because Hiteks’ software centralizes all patient medical and billing information into a mobile device. Collaboration has been the key to preventing unneeded readmissions, allowing hospitals to prevent the punishments of the Affordable Care Act. This collaboration is the direct result of innovative Real-Time CDI technology.

A Brief Description Of The Enhanced Collaboration Made Possible By CDI Software

Consider how many stops an average patient must go through upon seeking medical care in a hospital. In an emergency, a visit starts with triage, where someone must determine the severity of the patient’s injury or illness. Doctors must draw from past records that various people at different points in time had recorded. Then the doctor must determine a treatment based on the examination he performs on the patient mixed with the past medical information. Then, in many scenarios, the patient must stay in the hospital and receive additional care from a nurse. And then on top of all of that, finally there’s the bill. Within each of these steps is a margin for error. But with Real-Time CDI software, healthcare professional can minimize that margin, effectively minimizing the amount of unneeded readmissions.

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